This Wealthy Nigerian man wants baby mama that he can pay 5 million Naira


Nigerians are notorious for their behaviour of showing off or as my friend Chim tells me they call it, shakara. Any Nigerian man worth his salt considers being rich good but the bonus is being able to flaunt that wealth. This affliction extends to all parts of the world, even their walk and talk is so exaggerated that even in a crowd of Africans, they easily stand out.

Nigerian Meme

So take the story of the Nigerian man who is flying this stereotype wide, high and proud. Freeman Obg Owoboy is a rather nondescript name but this man has made slay queens in Nigeria and Africa go gaga after he posted on his Facebook page some rather interesting information. The information relates to him being a wealthy man and as such, he needs a baby mama who will give him a son to inherit all his wealth, including his multi-million shilling home.

“O.B.G. I need a baby mama after everything I will pay her 5 million and a car worth 3 million . If you are lucky enough you might give birth to a boy who will enrit(inherit) my multi-million paradise home . So if you are interested inbox me. Owoboy”

Freeman Obg Owoboy. photo credit: facebook/Freeman Obg Owoboy

He was even so kind as to include photos of his awesome wealth to prospective parties. The man showed stacks and stacks of cash. Clearly, the man isn’t playing around. Ladies in Kenya, the Facebook post has the account name, so if you want to be a Naira millionaire, hit him up. Even Kenyans can enlist. Hehehe!
Check out the photos below:



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