No more nyonyo! NTV anchor Jane Ngoiri shares photos of her now grown son


Jane Ngoiri is among a few media personalities who have managed to keep a low profile. The NTV anchor shared a photo of her son on social media after a long time.

Jane Ngoiri gave birth to her son sometimes in July 2016. Baby Amir was  born in the same month as Pierra Makena’s daughter Ricca Pokot.

Jane Ngoiri’s son, Amir

No more breastfeeding

Amir is now a grown baby and his mother wants to stop breastfeeding him. Jane Ngoiri says Amir is not feeding well because he relies on her milk.

“Exactly 1 year 6 months. Time for my #HoneyPlum #KifunguaMimba to stop breastfeeding though I have enjoyed every bit of it . I would have continued but he needs to start feeding well. Any ideas of how to trick him to stop looking for nyonyo?” Jane Ngoiri wrote on social media.


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