“I will not let anyone play with my feelings” confesses Wema Sepetu


Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has been missing in action for months now. However she seems to have made a grand come back through her Instagram page with new photos and quotes that reveal she is a new person.

Having been away to focus on her weight loss journey, the lady seems to have attained her goal. Wema Sepetu looks hotter than before and if I am not wrong, smaller.

New year, new Wema Sepetu

Away from her photos, she also happened to share a captivating caption talking about her new attitude. Unlike before, she is not willing to let anyone walk on her or tamper with her emotions. She  wrote saying;

“I will not let anyone tamper with my feelings or emotions… I will not let them pull me down… I will not let Negativity in my way as I aim for my GOALS… . . . INSHALLAH 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

Lesssons learnt

Wema Sepetu has not had the easiest time over the years. She has been involved in several scandals which eventually helped her get wiser. She went on to add;

As I look back to 2017, I see alot of lessons learnt, I see mistakes made but along the way taught me quite alot… I see remorse and still experienced Life in a picture I never imagined…

Future plans

As for now, Wema Sepetu plans to get closer with God as seen on her post.

As I look into 2018, I see my Future… I see a Future that is sooo BRIGHT… I see POSITIVITY… I see a Life that needs neither STRESS nor DEPRESSION… I see myself trying my Level best not to go through all that Pain… I see PEACE… . . . May Allah make all this Come true for me because it is all in his hands… I wont stop asking him to do so… Always have and Always will rely on him… The rest dont matter… . . .


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